Being appointed Captain of GBGR is a highly sought after and prestigious position. However, it is also a demanding and varied role, as you need the skills to lead, inspire and manage the team, and the drive and determination to win the events. 


It is likely (but not essential) that you will have been in the squad at some point. However, the qualifying criteria for Captain, with regard NRA membership, is the same. This is because, apart from the leadership role, you will also be the ambassador for GB, the NRA and GR shooting in general. If fact, one of the key roles is to ensure that you and your team conducts itself in a manner that is becoming of an International Squad.


Captains are technically appointed annually by the NRA, on the recommendation of the Discipline Head. However, in line with the natural cycle of international events - especially the 2-year cycle of the IGRF World Cup - a Captain would normally be offered a 2 year tenure. This allows for a year to establish and build a cohesive Team and a year to provide a substantial challenge for the World Cup.