The role of Captain of GBGR requires substantial commitment; the Team requires leadership, training and inspiration. However, there of a number of backroom admin tasks to address as well;financial management with the NRA's Team Finance Committee (TFC) - which manages the Overseas Team Fund (OTF),  and the interface to the IGRF.

A small support team has been established to undertake some of these roles and relieve the Captain of some of those administrative pressures. It currently consist of  :


NRA GR&P Rep  (who is also a member of the IGRF)

IRGF Rep         (each Nation has two IGRF reps)

Adjutant          (also member of the NRA TFC)

and by default - the GBGR Captain and vice-Captain. 


This group operates against an agreed Constitution (pdf - linked above) to establish and maintain the administrative relationships with the NRA and IGRF, and manage the GB funds through an independent bank account, to maintain transparency of any income and expenditure.